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Funding the Unfunded

Funding the Unfunded Projects - Co-working DC

Dave Moss, with a voice for radio and a keen mind towards improving the funding process, has just launched the Unfunded List, his latest effort to improve the grant proposal process.

Anyone who has worked in the grant proposal process knows that applications can be a sort of blind Rubik’s Cube of planning, writing, guestimating and hoping for the best without a clear system of feedback or clarification once the proposal has been submitted. Grant applicants devote countless hours of their time to applications that get sent down the pike with two main results; acceptance or denial, with denial being delivered quietly and without an opportunity for clarification or explanation.

Is the project simply outside the donors area of interest? What sort of numbers were the funders looking for? What aspects of the application can be improved for next time? All crucial questions that never find answers once donors and grant providers, often inundated with applications to cull through, focus their efforts on bring their chosen winners to fruition.

Dave Moss identified this weakness of the typical application process and pulled from all aspects of his history in the funding world to find a solution, the Unfunded List.

Applicants can submit their previously rejected proposals for candid feedback from a vetted member of the Unfunded List’s Evaluation Committee, crucial feedback that Dave Moss hopes will improve the applicants efforts the second or third time around. The best of the Unfunded Bunch will then be published to the List that will be distributed to a vast network of potential donors or partners; a second life for the proposal that previously met a quiet demise.

The evolution of this project is a classic homologation of Lookout collaboration and partnerships. With the help of Steve SouryalDave Jaffe & Ian Fay, his Wine Grants Podcast has evolved from an eager Moss with an iPhone to a fully fledged podcast professionally recorded in the Lookout’s audio suite. Funding specialists are invited to drop by the Lookout and have a candid chat with Dave about their experiences in the funding world over a bottle of wine.

The Unfunded List website & promotional videos have been produced with the collective efforts of animators and editors Steve MercadoBilly Buntin and Fabian Tejada who have all leant their expertise to the cause, showing that collaboration is key when trying to realize a vision or project.

On December 1st, four proposals were selected by the evaluation committee to be added to the inaugural Unfunded List. Be sure to check out the Unfunded List for a brief overview of each winning proposal and consider supporting their efforts. All other proposal submissions received a considerable amount of constructive feedback, and Dave believes the List is already tacking in the right direction.

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