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Honing the Pitch of Pitchcraft

March 18th will mark the first rendition of Pitchcraft, a series of Lookout events tailored to the the art of the pitch.

Pitchcraft - The Lookout Members
The inaugural Pitchcraft will focus on social impact, so a selection of local non-profits working for the greater good in the D.C. area will be given an opportunity to “pitch” the story of their work and demonstrate to the panel of judges how a professionally produced video will elevate their mission. The organization that makes the best pitch will be awarded with a short video to be produced, financed, directed and finished by the events main sponsor, Emic Films.

Jon Bougher and Kohl Threlkeld, the co-founders of Emic Films, look at Pitchcraft as a chance to reward a local non-profit that is doing great work within the greater Washington, D.C, Maryland or Virginia area.

They also look forward to an an opportunity to ply their craft on a story that takes place a bit closer to home.

Jon and Kohl originally met in Haiti while living previous lives of media and teaching professionals, but began to informally collaborate on a number of personal projects throughout the island. Working as a team, Jon and Kohl discovered that their local knowledge and lay of the Haitian land lent itself well to the video production process, giving them a clear advantage over their non-island counterparts who would often “helicopter in” to local scenarios (both figuratively and literally) and build stories from preconceived, outside perspectives. A portfolio of clients soon followed for a variety of NGO and commercial documentary projects which gave the team some room to grow and expand their capabilities.

Now that Emic Films is into its second year, Jon and Kohl believe Pitchcraft presents an opportunity to expand upon those capabilities honed in the international realm even further. As sponsors and eventual producers of a short video for the winning pitch, Emic’s aspect of the event will be determined by the nature of the work conducted by the participating organizations and the impact of their pitches. The hope is to find an organization conducting work in the greater Washington, D.C. area that is just begging to be filmed in a dynamic, well produced manner because for Emic Films it’s the story that matters, not necessarily where it takes place.

If the work of your organization sounds like an ideal fit for Emic, send an introductory email to dave@emicfilms.com and prepare your pitch!

Emic Films from Emic Films on Vimeo.

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