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Long Form Truth: The Dig Abides

Long Form Truth - Coworking in Washington DC 1

Andy DelGiudice has one of those extremely easy going demeanors that makes for a perfect person to have a beer with.

He also has a very serious streak that if you’re lucky enough to uncover, will impress you. Andy is a supporter of truth, especially when it lacks a voice, and that’s why he partnered with fellow journalist Jeffrey Anderson to create District Dig.

February 21, 2014: Jeffrey Anderson released a feature in the Washington City Paper on Judge Anand K. Verma, uncovering a blighted D.C. Department of Employment services and exposing Verma’s contentious and unqualified time on the bench. The response to this expose was Judge Verma fleeing the city and the gradual recoup of millions of dollars in misappropriated Worker’s Compensation funds.

The piece inspired Andy to reach out to Jeffrey in a way that any inquisitive photojournalist would, taking interest in the victims of D.C.’s shortcomings and offering to collaborate with Jeff on the production of a series of images to accompany his story. Since that initial project, a continuing partnership led them to create their own outlet for their work, now known as District Dig.

Long Form Truth - Coworking in Washington DC 2

Photo by Andy DelGiudice

Long Form Truth - Coworking in Washington DC 3

Jeff and Andy want District Dig to serve as a new home for long form journalism, with a focus on the people, culture, and politics of Washington, D.C. The duo envision a platform that doesn’t limit their interests or ambitions. Operating as an efficient two-person team with a pre-established working relationship allows a freedom and flexibility to create work that is beyond what each might be capable of achieving on their own.

With this freedom, Jeff and Andy have already released two feature articles. The first is a deep dive into the controversy behind the planned redevelopment of the historic Barry Farm neighborhood of Anacostia that reminds us how housing problems can directly beget poverty. That story is followed by a feature that provides a general discussion about why the District is so prone to bad real estate deals and the inability or unwillingness of D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson to do anything about it.

There is no time constraint, schedule, or quota that The Dig has to adhere to. Stories are released when they are finished, concentrating on quality over quantity in an attempt to elevate the local conversation by bringing attention to issues that need to be improved… or celebrated, with an emphasis on sharing stories that might not otherwise have an outlet.

For more information about Andy, Jeff, The Dig, and journalism with heart, check out www.districtdig.com.

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