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Media On The Radio Podcast – The Lookout Edition

Devin Gallagher, of Wait What Production’s podcast, Media On The Radio, interviewed Lookout Members as a part of their 5 part series on The Lookout. Hear from Ian Fay, Emma Mankey Hidem, Fabian Tejada, Mark Korsak, and Lauren Knapp. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: https://itun.es/i6Y94Lt.

Tune in every Thursday at 7pm to WERA.FM & listen live to the worldwide broadcast. Or if you live in the DC/Arlington VA area tune your radio dial to WERA 96.7 FM! Every Thursday at 7pm!


Ian Fay – Creative Co-Working For Filmmakers

This episode features Ian Fay, a filmmaker and the “ringleader” at the Lookout DC. The Lookout is a co-working space for filmmakers to work and collaborate, designed specifically for video. Ian and I talk about the increasing trend of co-working and why it’s important to move from a home office to a co-working space. He also explains what makes the Lookout special including the talent pool of the members, the location, and the space itself. This is the first episode of the MOTR series featuring several members of the Lookout who work in different parts of video including motion graphics, documentary, and virtual reality.

Check out the full podcast here.

Emma Mankey Hiddem – Producing VR Video

Emma and I chat about what goes into VR video production, how the technology is changing, and how the rules are still being written.  Her company, Sunnyside Productions is a full-service video production company based in Washington, DC. They specialize in non-fiction, corporate, and virtual reality 360° video. The company was founded in 2015 and they have created content for companies as large as Twitter, Mercedes, and Esteé Lauder.  https://www.sunnysideproductions.com/

Check out the full podcast here.

Fabian Tejada – The Artist With Agency

Fabian, a talented motion graphic artist, chats about his work with ad agencies and well-known brands like Disney, Pepsi, and Vice News.  We also talk about artistic burnout and the journey he took moving from NYC to Washington D.C. where he now works more with filmmakers and non-profit organizations.  Check out some of his work here: http://dlas.tv/


Check out the full podcast here.

Mark Korsak – Illustrating Stories

Mark, an illustrator from in New York, has been crafting pictures and words to tell stories for over 30 years. He continued to live there for years doing freelance illustration and design work for a variety of clients and uses (Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, The Wall Street Journal), as well as working for the Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration. Shortly after a move to DC he was introduced to the world of Graphic Recording, a burgeoning industry that combines illustration, design, and storytelling.

Check out the full podcast here.

Lauren Knapp – Documentary Film: Learning, Teaching, & Doing

Lauren Knapp is a nonfiction storyteller who works across platforms to share true and compelling stories. She has been working in film, television, radio, and virtual reality since 2006 and her stories have been featured on the PBS NewsHour, PRI’s The World, The Atlantic, The New York Times, WQED, and The Allegheny Front. In 2011, she moved to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with the support of a Fulbright-mtvU Fellowship where she researched and produced “Live From UB” (2015), an award-winning feature length documentary on rock music and national identity among Mongolia’s urban youth. On the podcast, Lauren and I talk documentary filmmaking and distribution, learning and teaching filmmaking, and the challenge of finding a healthy work/life balance for creative artists/professionals.

Check out the full podcast here.

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