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All Benefits at The Lookout DC - Washington Co-Working for Creatives 1

All Benefits at The Lookout DC - Washington Co-Working for Creatives 2
All Benefits at The Lookout DC - Washington Co-Working for Creatives 3

Industry Specialized Amenities

As a member of The Lookout, additional amenities and benefits are available. All of which are focused on the creative industries we all work in. These amenities are reservable on our member's portal. Each membership has monthly 'credits' included in their package to get you started.

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Conference Room/Shootio
In our industry, we rarely sit around a conference room table and watch a Power Point presentation. For the two percent of the time that happens, we got you covered. For the other ninety-eight percent of the time, we have a small shooting studio, with backdrops, permanent lighting, and an open floor plan for different setups. We have an, Air-Play compatible, 55" screen that can be used to review cuts, mirror desktops, or as a client facing monitor. It's also great for small meetings and phone calls.

Roofdeck Shooting
In addition to taking a break or meeting on our roof for a happy hour, it is an amazing shooting location for time-lapses, shots of the Capital Building, or just a grew view of the city.

Finishing Suite
When you need to crank on a project, bring in a client for a work review, or when you just need to play some video games, our Finishing Suite is pretty sweet. It's outfitted with a MacPro [12 Xeon core | 6GB VRAM | 64GB DRAM], 2x 27” Thunderbolt Monitors, a 60” 4K client viewing monitor, 5.1 surround sound, Adobe CC, BM Davinci Resolve, Logic Pro X, and an XBox One with a Blackmagic Design Intensity Extreme to capture games, or any other HDMI source on the MacPro via Thunderbolt.

Audio Suite
Our audio suite has a control room, tracking room, gear, and instruments. It's great for recording VO, ADR or soundtrack instrumentation. It's also great to mix and design audio for video. It's outfitted with a MacMini [Quad Core | 2GB VRAM | 8GB DRAM], 27” Thunderbolt Monitor, Yamaha HS5 Stereo Monitors, ProSonus Central Station Plus, Electro-Voice RE20 Mic, M-Audio Sputnik Tube Condenser Mic, Sound Devices 422 Production Preamp, Novation Impulse 61 Midi Controller, microKORG synth/ vocoder, Fender Stratocaster, Washburn XB-100 Bass, and an Ibanez Gio Soundgear Bass.

Event Space
Our 4th Floor Cafe area is also available to host events! We typically have workshops, screenings, and social events. Each member has the ability to reserve the 4th Floor and Roofdeck for their own purpose. We try and keep our events in the creative, inclusive culture, realm. Think, creative workshop over renting out our space for some corporate gathering. Our event space has a kitchen, bar, theater, PA System and a roof deck.

Gear Storage & Shop
We have an industry that requires toys. Sometimes they are purchased, sometimes they're built. They all require space to store, assemble, test, and repair. We have about 450 cubic feet of space in our storage shelving system. Each shelf is 2”x4”x9”. We will determine how much gear storage is needed for you and your organization and adjust the pricing accordingly.

Also, in the shop, we have plenty of tools to make any DIY project or equipment repair painless. This includes screws and screwdrivers, hardware and attachments. We also provide wrenches, pliers, Ethernet tools, a drill, a skill saw, a reciprocating saw, a hacksaw, 3 hole saws, a large bench vice, soldering iron, shop vac, air compressor with stapler, short and long nail gun, orbital sander, hammer, mallet, and 2 sledgehammers... cause you know... sledgehammers.

Day Passes
We know that from time to time, having visitors, friends and colleagues over to visit is important. As an intimate members-based community, we want it easy for our guests to enter the building. That's why each membership comes with a certain number of day passes. When you send a guest a pass, it automatically sends them a digital key to our front door.

Internet Access
We have three circuits coming into our facility giving us the best bandwidth around. Some membership plans can upgrade to a super-fast hardwired connection. This lets you put remote storage on our network to keep bulky RAID contraptions off your desk. WiFi? Yes.

Those toys? Expensive. Security is obviously important so that's why we've installed a key-less front door entry system to know who comes in exactly, and when. This system is connected to our member's portal, granting access during membership hours. Video surveillance records all motion in important places. Steel doors, frames, and deadbolts keep everything else safe.

We're mostly digital. And sometimes we're not. We've got B&W lasers, a fancy label printer, and a 11"x17" capable color inkjet. As long as you're not printing books, we got ya. Some of our members have their own specialty printers. If you're nice, they might let you print a few pages.

Our coffee is as nerdy as it can get. Honestly, you'll just have to talk to Kohl about this one.

Beer is purchasable from our beer machine on the roof deck.


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