Farewell Ferris Wheel – Post World Premiere Cookout

June 25, 2016

6:00 pm - 11:30 pm

2439 18th St NW


Our very own M.i.G. is world premiering his first feature film at AFI-Docs on Saturday June 25th at 5:30 at E Street Cinemas.  Get your tickets here.  After the screening, friends and family of the film and The Lookout will descend on the roof for burgers, dogs, and carnival fare.

Farewell, Ferris Wheel aims to narrow the scope and frame the discussion around the challenges facing one of the most-overlooked groups affected by current immigration policy: legal migrants who come to the States for seasonal, non-agricultural work. Focusing specifically on the primarily Mexican workforce in the U.S. carnival industry, the fate of this group of workers (almost exclusively male), recipients of the H2B visa, is fraught with allegations of workplace abuse, injuries on the job, diluted wages, and withholding of pay that has caused opponents to view the visa as a form of modernized slavery or indentured servitude. Proponents argue that it provides the laborers with much better work opportunities than they would otherwise have remaining in their home country, and allows them to earn enough to help their families and communities. The answer, as in most debates, lies somewhere in between.

Co-directors Jamie Sisley and Miguel “M.i.G.” Martinez began working on this project in the summer of 2008, and spent the better part of the last eight years fleshing out the story they want to tell us. The seasonal nature of their subjects’ work, as well as major changes in both Sisley’s and Martinez’s lives, meant that this “summer project” ended up taking close to a decade.


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