#Film&Friends Presents: Keith Lane

February 10, 2016

6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

2439 18th St NW


Disruption is a look into the long-term environmental and cultural impact of conflict. The aim of the project is to create an evolving interactive map of visuals and firsthand accounts, in real-time, of areas within war-torn countries that often go overlooked. Locations are chosen based on their proximity to a frontline and/or major conflict, and on their ability to be tracked over a number of years.

A month-long trip to Iraqi Kurdistan in the fall of 2015 acted as an initial test towards creating this database. Three agricultural villages were chosen, each of which was no more than a twenty minute drive to the front line with the war on ISIS. Each village had been attacked and remains a target for future attacks.

Through your feedback after viewing a rough cut from this first trip, you will help give the filmmaker a stronger sense of the project and where it may be headed.


Keith Lane Bio:
To relate stories of culture and conflict requires flexibility of self and style. It requires a willingness to go deep, ask questions and remain open to the answers. Throughout an unconventional path to photographer, Keith Lane cultivated these qualities in order to bring the unfamiliar closer.

Keith studied environmental science, spent time teaching outdoor education in California and worked for an energy consultant NGO before touring the US—by bus—for a Masters of Science degree in environmental education. He then volunteered for a public policy NGO in a move that became an unexpected turning point.

While working in Bangladesh, Keith began photographing flooded towns and villages. The storytelling tool struck a chord. Changing gears, he earned a graduate certificate at the renowned Salt Institute for Documentary Studies (Portland, Maine). Then, he set out to cover the complex socio-environmental issues he’d invested in as a student: war’s long aftermath; natural disaster; and conflict, both internal and international. His subjects have taken him to earthquake-ravaged Haiti, mine-infested fields of Cambodia and, eventually, a politically volatile Cairo, where he both taught at American University (Cairo) and photographed the city’s streets from the 2012 presidential elections to the new president’s ouster in 2013.


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